John Alvah Barnes, Jr.

Naomi Lynn Barnes

  A remarkable examination of love... Addictively readable.
Tina S.
The Prairies Book Review

I was pleased to read your fine book and recommend it to others. Roadwork creates a compelling story of not just a forbidden love's evolution, but the process by which two disparate lives come together to form new goals.

Diane Donovan
Senior Reviewer Midwest Book Review

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1970s cultural mores are examined and overcome in this humorous romantic adventure about an unconventional couple, which is based on a true story

North Carolina – January, 2021 – Do you remember a time before computers, cell phones and internet? A time when rock and roll, bell bottoms and miniskirts were all the rage? This true love story of an unconventional couple takes you back to the culture of the 1970s where they face obstacles, backlash and even danger with persistence and humor. 

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About Alvah Arts

     My wife, Lynn, and I met at Kennett High School in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania in 1975, when I was a seventeen-year-old senior and she was a twenty-five-year-old ninth-grade English teacher. No, she was never my teacher, at least not in school.
     We met in study hall where I was pretending to study, and she was a study hall monitor. We started talking and discovered that we both loved to read, and we also shared a deep appreciation for poetry and music. She played clarinet and oboe, and I had been teaching myself the guitar for several years and singing since I was a toddler. We started writing songs together, her poetry set to my guitar chord patterns and tunes. This eventually became our first company, Alvah Music, and we copyrighted more than a dozen songs.

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ROLLOVER by John Alvah Barnes, Jr. book cover featuring a WWI biplane flying inverted through clouds. Overcoming Disability, Psychological, Action-Adventure, Historical, WWI Dogfighting.

Fiction readers will find Rollover's story of a newly disabled medic's revised purpose in life to be compelling; there are many unexpected twists to the tale (including a surprise conclusion) that provide delightful moments of inspection.

Diane Donovan
Donovan Literary Services
Midwest Book Review
California Bookwatch

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